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Event Registration Walk-Through (Advanced)
Melissa Reveles, our Education Director, is back to let you watch over her shoulder, this time while she sets up a complex event registration.
Melissa’s sample event? VBS! Oh, did that get your attention? :D
Come, watch, and ask all your questions as she sets up registration from scratch, complete with a Custom Form, adding students to groups, optional t-shirt purchases and a Promo Code or two! There may even be salsa involved (the food kind, not the dance kind)… whuuuut?
Want a refresher before diving into the weeds? Check out our recording from the Events – Back to the Basics, but with Widgets webinar: https://www.ministryplatform.com/kb/webinars/events-back-to-the-basics
Audience: SPoCs, Event Admin or anyone who configures complex registrations
Level: Advanced

Feb 17, 2022 02:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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